Course Description

For aspirant doctors, physicians, and surgeons looking to become knowledgeable and skilled hair transplant specialists, IISAMED has developed the Fellowship Course in Hair Transplant (FCHT). This thorough course covers every facet of hair transplantation procedures, giving students the knowledge and practical skills they need to carry out successful procedures on actual patients.

What You’ll Learn?
  • Understand the pertinent scalp surgical anatomy and the genetic and non-genetic causes of hair loss.
  • Investigate the various medical therapies for hair loss.
  • Learn about the appropriate preoperative preparation for hair transplant procedures and the indications and contraindications.
  • For seamless results, master the craft of creating a natural hairline.
  • Learn how to perform transplant surgeries for sideburns, a mustache, and eyebrows.
  • Learn about Trichophytic closure and advanced harvesting methods.

Participants will learn how to use the newest tools and equipment for hair extraction and restoration processes, provided by IISAMED, while supervised by the world's most skilled medical team in hair transplantation and mentored by international faculty.

Fee : 165,000/-

Course Curriculum

The Fellowship Course in Hair Transplant (FCHT) at IISAMED offers a thorough curriculum that gives participants the abilities and information required to succeed in the hair transplantation industry. The basics of hair transplant surgery, its advancements, pertinent surgical anatomy, hair loss causes, medical treatments, creating a natural hairline, surgical techniques for transplants, safety concerns, potential complications, and more are covered.

Basics of Trichology
  • Anatomy and physiology of scalp and hairs
  • Hair types
  • Diagnosis and management of scalp diseases
  • Types of Hairloss
Techniques for Treatment of Alopecia
  • Derma roller
  • Hairloss drugs
  • PP/PRP
  • GFC
  • Stem Cell
  • Umbilical Stem Cell
  • Meso therapy for hair regrowth
Pre Transplant diagnosis
  • Consultation
  • Selection of right patient
  • Counseling of patient
  • Understanding hair density and quality
  • Donor scalp
  • Donor scalp marking
Techniques (Hands-on)
  • FUE / FUT techniques
  • Hair graft storage
  • Donor harvesting technique
  • Bloodless extraction and implantation
  • Possible emergencies during hair transplant and their management
  • Hands-on patient
  • SMP - Scalp Micropingmentation
Care Discussion / Queries


Dr. Sarah Khan

"I cannot thank IISAMED enough for the exceptional training in hair transplant techniques. The course's hands-on approach and guidance from experienced faculty were invaluable. I feel confident in starting my journey as a hair transplant specialist."

Dr. Aisha Patel

"Completing the Fellowship Course in Hair Transplant at IISAMED was a game-changer for my career. The practical training and expert guidance prepared me to become a skilled hair transplant specialist. Highly recommended!"

Dr. Sugandha Chatterjee

"IISAMED's FAM program provided me with the tools and techniques to excel in the dynamic field of aesthetic medicine. The interactive sessions and global recognition have opened doors to endless opportunities"